I am a graduate from Katowice Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego in motor training instruction in team sports

  • personal trainer
  • bodybuiding
  • Olimpic Weightlifting instructor

I conduct training with:

  • kettlebell
  • TRX Suspension Training Strap
  • „mobility comes first” - increase your mobility training

power training

For everyone but especially for those who want to improve strength, stamina and energy. It is effective for both men and women. It is especially suitable for women who want to achieve a figure that would not be possible with only a healthy diet.

It depends on your goal - lose weight or bodybuilding. Power training in combination with a tailored diet can change your body in an impressive way and let you hit top form.


Professional preparation

For everyone who wants to improve their results and be an expert in a selected sports discipline such as: football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, triathlon and fencing.

At first we will do the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) test to check your kinematic chain and find your limitations or asymmetry. After that I will create a training programme which will be tailored to your needs and goals.

We will work with all aspects of fitness:

Endurance training

It is a type of training which is perfect for shaping your endurance and physical condition. If you are involved in a team sport, you will learn healthy competition and find a way to motivate yourself. As your coach I will teach you how to overcome your weaknesses as well.

To improve your speed, physical fitness and condition, endurance and motor coordination. We will build your aerobic and anaerobic endurance in combination with professional techniques. I will teach you elements of powerlifting, Olimpic Weightlifting in combination with running and athletics.

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